We are sorry to report that the GRE has run out. We are hopeful that it may come back again, but as on now we cannot get more. We have our new 8% extract, as well as UEI and HPI which might be of interest to our GRE customers. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Gold-Reserve Extract
Gold-Reserve Extract
Item# GRE
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Product Description

This is our most potent Mitragyna Speciosa extract. This fine powdered gold-colored full-spectrum extract contains over 200mg alkaloid content per gram. It has excellent energizing properties and just as importantly, has a very clean aroma. It also works well mixed with regular Mitragyna Speciosa products in small quantities. Considering the quality and price of this product, it is a very cost effective. Because of its potency and the fluffy consistency, we strongly advise using a scale to weigh this material.

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